About Portaworld

PT Bintang Citra International

Manufacture and Modification of PortaCamp - Portable Office - PortaTank - IsoTank Container - Bed Room Container - Toilet Container - Kitchen Container - Portable Cafe - PortaCafe and others


Our Value

"Customer Satisfaction" is the main target of our business and has become the best incentive for all of our customers. and also keep abreast of the latest technological developments as we attempt to always satisfy and meet the needs of every customer.

Our Mission

Grow the business profitably by Improving and Enhancing the real Core Value of the business Leverage Technology and Maintain highly ethical business practices Continuous development of human resources.

PT Bintang Citra International Management Vision : "Be the best place to work, Delivering wonderful service and Create Happy Customer"

PT Bintang Citra International Company Vision : "To be the most preferable, effectible and Trusted partner"

Legal Information

Business Name : PORTAWORLD
Legal Name : PT Bintang Citra International .

Webiste : www.portaworld.com
Email : sales@portaworld.com
Fast Respond : +62 8161152518
Phone : +62.21.29376639 (Hunting)

Office Address : Kawasan Berikat Nusantara Jl Jawa Raya Blok A14 No 9 KBN Cakung Jakarta Utara Indonesia 14140